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Enter the Chardis

26 July 2021

Enter the Chardis

Because AJC EasyCabin’s unit for recharging battery powered tools resembles Dr Who’s Tardis time travel machine, it’s perhaps not surprising that it’s been nicknamed the Chardis.  

Officially called the Charge Pod, the solar-powered cubicle enables equipment to be recharged in remote locations and close to where they are needed. 

It’s another example of how new technology doesn’t just provide alternatives to existing products, but can also create new opportunities.

The unit offers up to 36 lockers, each with two 230V three-pin sockets and two USB points. Power comes from a solar panel on the roof, with standby capacity provided by a diesel generator or a hydrogen fuel cell. 

A hand wash station (below) can also be incorporated. 

Lisa Gillett, AJC EasyCabin’s sales director, tells me that several national hirers have already added the Charge Pod to their fleets. 

“On large sites people often work in areas a long way from the site office or compound. The Charge Pod enables them to take a charged battery tool, replace it with the one to be recharged and keep working efficiently,” she says. 

Lisa adds that the demand for green equipment is “unbelievable, and we now hardly provide anything that just has a standard generator.” 

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Enter the Chardis


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