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A precious resource

19 July 2021

A precious resource

Recently I reported on software giant Microsoft’s plans to lower its carbon footprint, including its intention to become water positive – replenishing more water than it consumes on a global basis. 

The item pointed out the need for other organisations to do the same, and you can read that story here.

Besides investing in restoration projects worldwide, Microsoft is installing systems at its facilities to collect and recycle waste water. One of its offices is even collecting the water from air conditioning equipment to irrigate plants on the site. 

However, there ways in which the hire industry already has experience of being water positive and encouraging others to be so. 

GAP, for example, has installed rainwater collection facilities at many of its depots which can be used with equipment like pressure washers when cleaning machinery. It says this can reduce mains water consumption by up to 70%. 

Rocket Rentals of Slimbridge in Gloucestershire also harvests rainwater which is then used for washing down equipment. 

“We use the water in our Trime X-Splash wash bay, which filters and cleans the water, removes oils with absorbent mats and then reuses it,” says Rocket managing director Simon Tomblin. “Quite honestly this is the sort of procedure that every business should be doing to protect our environment.”

There are currently six sizes of X-Splash (pictured) which are installed above ground as a semi-permanent installation. They operate from recycled water, alleviating the need to apply for a discharge licence. 

Paul Hay, managing director of Trime (UK) reports that “interest in the units grows year on year because of their water-saving credentials. We say that our most popular model, the 3m by 3m X-2, can save 1 million litres of water over three years. 

“Businesses are increasingly watchful of what they dispose of down drains and sewers, and want to protect the environment. 

“We’re also getting business from hirers who already have built-in interceptor tanks at their premises and are taking our standalone X-30 filtration unit to clean and treat the water.” 


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