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Speedy adds defibrillators

29 July 2021

Speedy adds defibrillators

As part of its ESG (environmental, social and governance) programme, Speedy is installing 170 automated external defibrillators at operational locations throughout the UK. 

The initiative is part of the company’s partnership with the British Heart Foundation (BHF), for which it has also pledged to raise funds.

Working with medical equipment supplier Aero Healthcare, the potentially life-saving Heartsine PAD 500P defibrillators will support colleagues, customers and local communities.

There are more than 30,000 out-of-hospital cardiac arrests in the UK each year, and every minute without CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) and defibrillation decreases a person’s chances of survival by up to 10%. 

Personnel at every location will be trained to use the units as well as receiving CPR training from the BHF.

Speedy chief executive Russell Down, who is pictured (centre) with Aero Healthcare’s Iain Lawrence and Hayley Gough from the BHF, said: “By installing AEDs at all of our sites, we can be confident that if colleagues, customers or nearby residents suffer a cardiac arrest, we have the means to make a lifesaving difference as part of a first medical response.”

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