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GeoPura green hydrogen powers PGA golf event

20 September 2023

GeoPura green hydrogen powers PGA golf event

In what is described as a world first for a sporting event, the 2023 BMW PGA Championship on the DP World Tour had its television production powered entirely by green hydrogen, with zero emissions, using equipment manufactured and hired out by GeoPura. 

European Tour Productions, the DP World Tour’s in-house production company, and its production and distribution partner, IMG, worked with GeoPura to supply two hydrogen powered generators (HPUs) positioned on the fairway of the sixth hole at the prestigious Wentworth Club for the event on 14-17 September. 

It is estimated that the HPUs saved 16.4 tonnes of CO2 compared against the 2022 tournament. Used in place of diesel generators, the units produce zero CO2 or particulate emissions, with water the only by-product.

The machines use green hydrogen, produced through renewable energy sources, to generate emission-free electricity which was used to power the broadcasting compound, as well as for charging the golf buggies used to transfer people and equipment across the site.

Richard Bunn, MD of European Tour Productions, said: “We are always on the look out for new technologies that will us get to net zero carbon by 2040. Hydrogen is the future of power distribution and has the added benefit of being more resilient than diesel units because they have fewer moving parts.” 

The aim is to roll-out hydrogen power across multiple tournaments in 2024. 

Andrew Cunningham, CEO of GeoPura, said: "This forward thinking not only means saving tonnes of carbon emissions but also improves local air and water quality, creating a better experience for players, spectators, staff and neighbours – all without compromising on the production quality. Our HPUs deliver consistent, quiet, and emissions-free energy that can be relied on, even for live, high profile outside broadcasts such as this.”

GeoPura’s HPU uses green hydrogen produced by electrolysis powered by renewable sources such as wind or solar power. This hydrogen is then compressed, stored and utilised as fuel in the generator. It delivers power directly to equipment or to charge batteries for use as required. 

The virtually silent operation of HPUs ensures that audio quality during live sports broadcasts is not compromised, with no disruptive noise from generators, creating a better viewing experience for audiences.

The machines can also be transported to remote sports venues, allowing broadcasters to expand their coverage to areas that may not have access to reliable grid power.

GeoPura’s proprietary HPUs have been developed in collaboration with Siemens Energy and a network of hydrogen production sites. They have been supplied to customers in diverse markets who require power at temporary sites, long-term backup, off-grid power, and energy supply to augment existing grids in construction, TV and film, and festivals and events.


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