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MHM on a charge

20 June 2023

MHM on a charge

MHM promoted a number of new products at Plantworx designed for the safe and efficient charging of battery powered equipment. 

The Mobile Charging Station, pictured, has six individual charging compartments with two 230V power outlets and two USB sockets. Combination locks prevent unauthorised access. 

The waterproof steel cabinet has four braked castor wheels with an emergency stop and two forklift pockets for manoeuvrability. The unit can be connected to a generator or a battery pack. 

MHM also gave details of a larger mobile charging system that it is developing which can be customised to suit different needs. As well as providing charging points, options include connections for solar panels, wind turbines and telematics capability. 

It will also be possible to fit a volatile organic compound detector (VOC) to detect gases that can be emitted by faulty lithium-ion batteries under charge to reduce the risk of fires. Air quality monitors can also be added. 

MHM Chairman Josh Llewellyn tells me that the company is now busy talking with customers and potential users to determine what they would like to see on such a unit. 

Indeed, Josh says that understanding the specific needs of hirers and end users is at the heart of MHM’s current strategy in determining the optimum deployment of new eco-friendly equipment. 

“Our T-Zero Pro range currently includes 26 different products including solar hybrid generators, battery packs, portable batteries, mobile solar battery power packs, solar battery stations, solar hybrid chargers and mobile chargers in a variety of capacities and with different options. 

“However, in many cases, people don’t know which solution they specifically need,” says Josh. “They want to go green but aren’t sure about what is the best for them and the site they are working at.

“So we are encouraging them to engage with us and have a conversation about the different options and opportunities. It’s a new way of thinking about the issue.” 

MHM has also partnered with a specialist agency, called Moca, to produce a range of videos and interviews in order to promote this outreach approach on the MHM website, blog and social media channels like LinkedIn, TikTok and Instagram. These will explain the different products available together with case studies. 

Moca’s owner Archie Hoyi says that such an approach is part of the digital transformation in which information is now conveyed and consumed. 

Photo: Alan Guthrie


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