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Supply chain reactions

13 June 2023

Supply chain reactions

A trend amongst many businesses in recent years has been to streamline supply chains to reduce paperwork and achieve efficiencies. However, that might be changing. 

One cause, highlighted previously on the blog, is the supply chain disruption in the wake of Covid-19. Lack of availability forced companies to look for other suppliers of equipment, components and materials to keep pace with burgeoning product demand. 

However, another driver for many organisations is their commitment to greater sustainability, a good example being Snorkel Europe whose factory is based in Washington, Tyne & Wear. 

“Our eco obligations have made us look for suppliers of some components closer to home,” Andrew Fishburn, Snorkel’s Vice President Sales for UK & EMEA told me recently. “This helps us reduce our own carbon footprint and, in turn, hirers and their customers.

“And it’s very pleasing to find that there are good local companies who can supply quality components. Equally, of course, we have many long-established suppliers who give us loyal service, but the whole supply landscape is changing.” 

And this brings opportunities for new suppliers, as well as being a testament to the quality of British manufacturing. 

Sourcing items to closer to home also gives supply chain resilience because fewer components are sourced from overseas suppliers whose delivery logistics can be affected by unexpected transport costs and materials shortages – as Covid clearly showed when container costs rocketed, another issue discussed previously on the blog. 

Photo: Tom Fisk 


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