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PASMA safety initiatives

28 March 2022

PASMA safety initiatives

PASMA is introducing a new app and an on-line tool designed to enable site managers to ensure that all mobile access towers under their control are assembled correctly and that inspections are recorded properly. 

Speaking at a webinar organised by the association earlier this month, Jason Carlton, PASMA’s head of strategic engagement, said that the TowerSure system includes a smartphone app that guides users through the tower setup and inspection processes, and stores the details electronically for quick retrieval and sharing. 

This is complemented by a browser-based system that allows managers and contractors to check the status of all the towers on a site remotely. 

Pictures of installations can be taken and stored as a record. 

TowerSure can be trialled free for the next six months and PASMA says that it will remain free for use by small businesses and individuals. 

PASMA has also produced an approved checklist for inspecting a mobile tower on a step-by-step basis to avoid any stages in the process being missed. 

● Picture shows a PASMA training course at Warren Access in Newcastle. 

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