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Prop Pal gains support

27 July 2021

Prop Pal gains support

Builder Stephen Cheshire devised the Prop Pal six years ago to facilitate work on home extensions and other projects where structures had to be supported for walls to be removed. 

Since then it’s been launched commercially and is finding its way into the fleets of tool hire companies.

“The traditional method is to put reinforcing needles through the ceiling and the floor above as props,” said Stephen, “but my idea was to provide slots at both ends of the needles so that they can be locked into place. 

“The end has an adjustable foot with a plate and a removable jacking screw which winds down to the floor and can be bolted into position. This means you don’t have to damage the ceiling or floor.” 

The Prop Pal has safe working load (SWL) rating of 1500kg and accepts 1200mm long needles. Its design means that it can be used as a standard needle for supporting masonry and steel beams in a traditional manner, as well as supporting walls above the floor joist as it was originally designed for.

David Cheshire, Stephen’s son who is co-director of the Prop Pal company and head of product development, says the number of hirers adding the product to their fleets is growing steadily because of its simplicity and the ongoing demand for site safety equipment. 

“It’s also straightforward and doesn’t require detailed maintenance,” he said. 

Hirers stocking the Prop Pal - which is manufactured in the UK - include Smiths Equipment Hire, P.E.T Hire, MD Tool Hire & Sales UK, Hodgson Tool Hire, Hirepoint, Griffiths Hire Shops, Southern Plant and Tool Hire, FTH Hire Group, Bradfords Tool Hire, KDM Hire, ViC Group and EPS Hire amongst others. 

The company’s website lists hirers who stock the product so that enquirers can find a local supplier. 

A version of the Prop Pal that accommodates longer needles of up to 1800mm on larger projects is being developed in response to customer demand.

Extra plates can be fixed on to the new model’s jacking screw plate so that the existing does not have to be removed for use as a standard needle, as well as giving an extra 100mm in length, says the company. 

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Prop Pal gains support
Prop Pal gains support
Prop Pal gains support


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