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Eco-friendly flywheel

20 April 2021

Eco-friendly flywheel

Major contractor Kier is trialling innovative technology supplied by Sunbelt Rentals at a project in Knowsley as a potential way of reducing the energy required to power a static crane.

Admittedly, cranes are beyond the scope of many hirers, but it’s nevertheless a fascinating concept for helping deliver net zero carbon emissions.

The Punch Flybrid flywheel being used at Keir’s Shakespeare North site is derived from Formula 1 technology as an energy storage system. The aim is to decrease fuel usage by reducing the size of generator for the crane on site, while still providing enough power for it to be used correctly.

Kier says that the trial has shown a fuel consumption reduction of 40%, with 40% less carbon also being produced. This gives social value benefits to the surrounding community, including less air pollution, fewer traffic movements and less congestion.

Mark Bown, national account manager at Sunbelt Rentals, said: “Sunbelt Rentals and Kier have been working together in partnership to reduce CO2 impact and provide social value to local communities of Kier sites. This technology is a large step in the right direction to move towards net zero carbon.”

Using the flywheel system on the crane is said to have avoided emissions equivalent to the amount produced by 17 road vehicles.

Kier has committed to achieving net zero carbon across its operations and supply chain by 2045.


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