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Hogs on stage

17 February 2021

Hogs on stage

I was recently given a preview of Genquip Groundhog’s latest initiative to promote its welfare products to a wider audience, at a time when large-scale demonstrations and exhibitions are proving impossible to hold due to the pandemic.

Called the Virtual Showroom, it is due officially go live on the company’s website tomorrow. I saw a near-final prototype and it really is impressive. 

Visitors 'arrive' outside a virtual building representing the manufacturer’s headquarters in Neath, and go into an extremely well-rendered showroom. You then point and click to explore in the same way as you would on something like Google Maps street view. 

Navigate to the right and you can check out the specifications of Genquip's Fusion Pulse eco-friendly welfare units. You can also go inside virtual simulations of the cabins and click on information points to read details of features like the heating system and eco-friendly equipment. The products on display will be updated regularly.

The left hand side of the showroom gives access to information portals on aspects like product training, servicing and solar hybrid technology. Brochures can also be downloaded, just like gathering information at an exhibition – but without the carbon footprint. 

“Visitors will be greeted by a Groundhog host to guide them,” sales and marketing manager Peter Beach tells me. “They will also be able to book an appointment with me, via phone or email, and I can ‘meet’ them via Zoom for a live one-to-one, face-to-face conversation. It’s the best alternative to inviting them to our factory or to an exhibition at the moment.” 

The showroom also has an Innovation Stage where presentations can be given on specific topics or industry trends. 

“We have been working on this since September,” says Peter. “Our marketing specialists, Plum Design, have been integral in the design and installation of the site. They scanned thousands of pictures and 3D images, rendering them into very high-resolution polygon graphics giving realistic views of the units which load quickly without distortion.” 

It all worked very smoothly when I had my virtual tour recently and it will be well worth checking out the Genquip Groundhog website to see it yourself. 


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