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CFS launches hydrogen powered generator

20 February 2024

CFS launches hydrogen powered generator

Commercial Fuel Solutions (CFS) has become the exclusive distributor of a hydrogen internal combustion power generator made by Belgium-based e-power. 

The 45kVA machine uses a converted diesel engine and is designed to run on any grade of hydrogen fuel, without using a fuel cell. 

Robin Futcher (pictured) the founder and CEO of CFS, said: “This generator marks a significant advancement in hydrogen power technology, offering a cost-effective, eco-friendly, and high-performance solution for power generation. With its lower capex, ability to withstand fuel impurities and decreased fuel expenses, it is the clear choice for businesses committed to investing in the future of hydrogen energy and making substantial strides in reducing their carbon footprint.”

Alongside the generator, CFS conducts site safety risk assessments to ensure suitability, integrating DSEAR fire and explosion risk assessments with zoning diagrams and compliance checks. Specially trained technicians manage the installation and commissioning of the generator, while providing necessary training, permits for work, and safe operation oversight. 

The company can also supply hydrogen and offers remote fuel consumption monitoring. 

The E45 generator is designed for various applications, from industrial uses to emergency backup power requirements. 


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