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Husqvarna on rails

6 December 2023

Husqvarna on rails

Husqvarna has introduced a new battery powered cut-off saw for rail cutting on its 94V PACE platform (no pun intended, honestly) with zero CO2 emissions during use. 

Mattias Holmdahl, Husqvarna’s Senior Manager, Global Product & Service Management, says the K 1 PACE Rail has been specially designed for work on railways, tram tracks and metro systems, and that the tool’s emissions profile can also help private contractors and municipalities fulfil environmental demands on projects.

The machine incorporates Husqvarna’s X-Halt brake function which is designed to stop blade rotation in fractions of a second. 

Supplied as standard with the K 1 PACE Rail is an attachment - designated the RA 11 - that enables cutting from both sides of the track. It is also designed to deliver perfect right-angled cuts when fastened to the track.

The tool can be used with Husqvarna’s Elite-Disc Rail abrasive disc which has been developed for higher cutting speeds and longer life, and to give the ability to cut multiple times through the rail from one side.


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