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Power in the bank

7 February 2023

Power in the bank

Powr2 has released initial details of its new Powrbank Max battery power storage models which will be officially launched at the Executive Hire Show tomorrow.

They are the largest Powrbank models to date in the company’s range with a capacity of more than 500kVA and designed for use with high-capacity equipment, eliminating generator over-sizing and further reducing CO2 emissions and fuel waste.

The existing smaller machines are already used by customers in the construction and events industries to run items like office trailers, lights, security systems, AV equipment, and refrigeration. However, the Powrbank Max is designed for use with items requiring more power, including machinery with high initial demand spikes, such as tower cranes, large pumps, and hoists. 

Generators are typically sized in accordance with the inrush current of a motor, making them oversized for most of the job. 

Previous Powrbank models reduce generator runtime and fuel requirements by handling the low load periods, with the generator handling the load spikes. 

The new Powrbank Max units are designed to handle both the peak load as well as the low load, with the generator only used to recharge the battery. 

“Companies are setting increasingly aggressive CO2 emission reduction targets. They are demanding clean energy solutions at scale,” said Tim Doling, Director of Innovation at Powr2. “The Powrbank Max accelerates the transition with large-scale storage not previously offered.”

Models with capacities of 250kVA and 500kVA are being launched now, with a 1MW version to be introduced later this year. The company says that, depending on the size of the Powrbank and the generator, a full charge can be reached in as little as one hour, meaning that when power is required 24 hours a day, generator runtime can be reduced to just under one hour per day.

The Executive Hire Show takes place at the Coventry Building Society Arena on 8 and 9 February. 


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