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Husqvarna adds new battery products

6 February 2023

Husqvarna adds new battery products

Husqvarna Construction has introduced its first battery powered plate compactor in the form of the LFe 60 LAT. 

The forward compaction plate is designed for work on soil and asphalt, and runs on the Honda eGX battery platform offering operation with no CO2 direct exhaust emissions. 

Magnus Lindeberg, global product manager for light compaction at Husqvarna Construction says that other benefits include easy starting, reduced noise levels and none of the maintenance issues involved with combustion engines or handling fuel. 

The LFe 60 LAT, shown above, has simple push-button operation, transport wheels and a low-vibration, foldable handle for convenient transport.

The removable water tank is designed to enable precise control of water flow and the bottom plate and sprinkling system are configured so as to prevent the fresh asphalt from sticking to the equipment or creating marks on the ground. 

Another new introduction for this year is the KNUT 39 battery powered rebar tying tool (shown below). Designed to rapidly produce strong, consistent knots that are low in height, Husqvarna says it enables the casting of thinner concrete slabs without compromising quality or strength. 

Marcus Trybom, global product manager, concrete placement, says this is achieved by using strong, 1.5mm single wrapping steel wire with a copper coating and that this also makes the machine suitable in applications that previously demanded hand tying.

He adds that the low height of the ties (less than 5 mm) also enables shallower pours with less risk of concrete cracks. 

Husqvarna adds new battery products


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