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MEWP safety system

29 May 2024

MEWP safety system

Xwatch Safety Solutions has introduced a safety system for mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs), designed to enhance operational safety and prevent operator injuries, especially the risk of being crushed against ceilings or coming into contact with live cables and other overhead hazards.

The manufacturer says the system is compatible with various machine types, including scissor lifts, boom lifts and truck mounts. It incorporates a height and slew limitation control to prevents the platform from breaching safe operational boundaries, as well as fail-safe, fully automatic operation.

In the event of a control system failure, the machine defaults to a secure state. This feature allows more convenient access to the system’s functions, simplifying the operational process and reducing the need for extensive control system training, says Xwatch.

Continuous monitoring of the machine's highest points helps to avoid collisions and the risk of operators being crushed or entangled with live cables. The system, which is approved for rail industry use, is also designed to provide full power for moving away from a limiting factor.

An optional chassis sensor is available to compensate for sloping terrain slope and uneven ground.

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