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Smiths plans for growth

21 February 2024

Smiths plans for growth

As part of their plans for expansion, Smiths Equipment Hire recently announced that Marketing Director David Turner has assumed the additional role of Sales Director. 

Joint Managing Directors David and Thomas Smith say that the move will bring consistency of approach in these important areas, especially as David Turner has a decade of experience within the hire industry, and over 35 years in communications and media. 

“I’ve spent ten years adding more value and visibility to the Smiths Hire brand as a trusted source of hire equipment and insightful advice,” David (pictured above) told me recently. 

“Much of marketing is about building brand value so that customers have an expectation of excellence and we’ll now be emphasising and embracing that same approach via our sales activities, with more hire consultancy driven selling throughout the team. 

“In many ways the goals are the same, with a key difference being that marketing typically reaches out to a global diverse audience, whereas sales is more one-to-one and personality driven.

“It also helps that we’re backed by such a strong group of experienced personnel within the Smiths Hire operational side of our business. The overall company benefits from being a truly integrated operation with a commitment to achieve the same level of dedication across all areas of the company,” David added. 

“Fundamentally, it’s all about team communication: find the solution and share it, always putting the customer first.” 

Blackpool-based Smiths Equipment Hire currently has 16 depots throughout the north of England - and  additional locations are in the pipeline. More about that in a future blog post… 

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