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Armorgard highlights safety

16 May 2022

Armorgard highlights safety

Armorgard, which specialises in site storage products, points out that since 2020, injuries on construction sites have increased by 34% and the company suggests that this could be because the requirement for jobs to be completed quickly and to a high level can lead to people thinking less about their own safety and more about getting the job done.

The company points out that injuries and ill health within the UK construction industry are now costing over £16.2 billion per year, affecting individuals and disrupting work teams.

Armorgard’s product line-up include the CuttingStation, pictured, for cutting materials at a safe and comfortable working height, with adequate lighting.

Stefano Lobban, director at Herts Tool Co based in St Albans, which distributes Armorgard products, said: “Although there will always be accidents in the construction industry, we can never stop trying to reduce them.

“Training is key to protecting workers, whether it’s highlighting dangers or teaching them to make their own risk assessments on site.” Herts Tool Co can carry out on-site toolbox talks on safer working practices, and Armorgard has developed a number of familiarisation videos and guides. 


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