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GAP adds Trime solar lights

9 August 2022

GAP adds Trime solar lights

GAP Group has added to its fleet of sustainable site lighting equipment from Trime, which includes pure solar and solar hybrid models.

The hirer currently has more than 100 of the manufacturer’s X-Solar and X-Solar Hybrid sets, the former operating solely from solar and battery power, with energy-saving LED lamps. The X-Solar Hybrid also includes a small fuel-efficient diesel engine as backup. 

GAP reports that the hybrid machine is popular with highway contractors as it operates principally emission and noise-free during daylight hours, with the engine available if required during night working. 

The solar-only sets are particularly in demand for sensitive locations where noise is not permitted, such as residential areas, hospitals and schools.

Ken Stewart, GAP’s head of procurement said: “We see an increase in our clients asking for solar-only and solar hybrid sets as an alternative to diesel-powered units. The feedback we’ve had has been very positive. They appreciate the low-operational costs and all the environmental benefits the lights offer.”

GAP, which aims to become net-zero by 2040, says that Trime has provided valuable support including training to customers and to depot personnel in the safe operation of the machines and routine maintenance. 

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