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Ford survey shows electric van attitudes

5 July 2022

Ford survey shows electric van attitudes

Hire companies that cover many miles while delivering and collecting equipment are obviously monitoring electric vehicle developments with interest, especially as fuel prices rocket to new record levels.

Findings released today from a survey of van drivers conducted by Ford, the manufacturer of the iconic Transit, highlights key concerns that many users have about making the transition to electric vehicles. 

In its Go Electric report, the company polled 500 van drivers, of whom 61 per cent said they owned the vehicle they drive, while 32 per cent stated it belonged to their employer. 

Overall, the main barriers to going electric were cited as: charging time (16 per cent); outright cost of the vehicle (16 per cent; running out of charge (15 per cent); charging point access at home, on the road and at work (13 per cent); and cost of maintenance (12 per cent). 

When asked to estimate, drivers believed that the average range of an electric van was under 70 miles, but Ford states that its E-Transit offers a range of up to 196 miles. However, this would likely decrease due to factors like loading and use of ancillary equipment like heated windows and air conditioning.

Almost half (44 per cent) of respondents said they would not be able to fit charging time into their working schedule, perhaps due to a lack of charging options. Only 20 per cent stated that there are always charging points available where they work, and over half (52 per cent) reported that they do not have access at home. 

Drivers of company owned electric vans were concerned about being out-of-pocket with 71 per cent being unsure how to be reimbursed for electricity costs if they charged their company vehicle at home. 

For businesses, almost one-third (29 per cent) stated that the initial infrastructure cost of introducing electric vans would be too much of a burden for themselves or their business. 

Nevertheless, 49 per cent of those surveyed believed that electric vans will be the most common type of van on Britain’s within the next ten years, while more than a quarter (26 per cent) thought their company would be perceived more positively for driving electric vans. 

Mandy Dean, commercial vehicle director, Ford of Britain, said that the manufacturer’s Ford Pro Charging billing and administration software can enable fleet drivers to charge at home with the energy cost exactly calculated and sent to their business for reimbursement. 

The company also offers software to give live information on vehicle health and telematics data, maintenance alerts and charge point locations. 


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