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Traction cleans up with a big X-Splash

4 July 2022

Traction cleans up with a big X-Splash

Stafford-based independent hirer Traction Equipment continues to clean up in more ways than one with the X-Splash wash bay from Trime (UK) that it installed two years ago. 

As Traction’s managing director Matt Bloomer told me when I spoke to him last year, the X-8 model wash bay quickly proved successful for washing down machinery at the company’s depot as it is completely self-contained and can use harvested rainwater, and he is still very happy with the unit, which is delivering operational benefits and cost savings.

Traction Equipment researched a variety of wash bays but found them too small for their requirements. The X-8, however, has a 6750mm by 6000mm wash area, a 3000-litre filtering system and can accommodate machinery up to 20 tonnes. It weighs 5450kg and has a standard wall height of 2200mm. 

“I am convinced it has been the single best infrastructure investment that the company has ever made,” says Matt. “Our direct water overheads have fallen dramatically since we have had it. 

“To put that into context, our quarterly water bills were routinely around £1,200; however, since the introduction of the X-Splash they now sit around the £215 mark.” 

The eco-friendly unit is designed to prevent soil pollution and contamination of drains from oil, grease and similar chemicals. Its has an inbuilt recycling process to ensure that all the water is contained and reused. 

The filtering system is designed to ensure that no contaminants are discharged accidentally, resulting in an overall water usage reduction. 

The X-Splash is relocatable and has a modular section drainage base with a microswitch in the solids collection tank at the rear, which activates the drainage pump when the water reaches a pre-set level. 

Trime says that the unit can help hirers meet obligations under regulations such as the Environmental Protection Act 1990 (section 33); Environmental Permitting (England and Wales) Regulations 2010 (regulations 12 38 (1), (2) & 3); and The Water Industry Act 1991. 

Matt adds that the X-8 can accommodate “all of the sizes and weights of plant that we operate here, while giving plenty of room around to work and, secondly, the water recycling feature is a major plus point too as it aids our environmental responsibilities." 

Incidentally, Traction Equipment is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. 



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