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“Who Are You?”

25 May 2022

“Who Are You?”

As you can see I've been trying to make some new contacts on our northern Spanish holiday. Pictured is Maia, one of three St. Bernards who permanently reside at the hotel where we are staying this week in the Cantabrian mountains. 

Maia showed some interest in my business card, although perhaps she was being polite.

Anyway, I always carry cards with me because you never know who you’ll meet and they’re so convenient for giving people your details. 

However, are they under threat in an eco-friendly age? 

Quite frequently nowadays when I meet someone at an exhibition or event, they'll say that they no longer use cards because of environmental considerations. They’ll perhaps ask me to scan a QR code to retrieve all their information. 

Well, the last time I tried that, it simply didn’t work. Maybe there were internet difficulties, or the app malfunctioned. Or, quite likely, operator error. Whatever - it was complete hassle. 

By contrast, cards are quick, compact, handy and less likely to be overlooked. They can be made from environmentally friendly materials, and they are so technologically sophisticated you can even write important information on the back of them. 

Minimising paper usage doesn’t mean we have to totally eliminate it, in much the same way that reducing carbon footprints doesn’t mean the immediate wholesale removal of clean diesel or alternative fuels like HVO. We need many different options to choose from.

So I’ll keep using cards – which will help printing firms to stay in business, too. 

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Photo: Christine Guthrie 

“Who Are You?”


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