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Green and clean with FuelActive

6 April 2022

Green and clean with FuelActive

Sky-high fuel prices mean that machine operators want to get the most out of every precious tankful with minimal wastage or contamination. 

So it’s perhaps not surprising that FuelActive reports growing demand for its patented system that can be fitted inside a fuel tank to ensure that only clean diesel is used. 

Chief executive Nick Massey tells me that the heart of the product is a floating pickup pipe that draws clean diesel from the top of the fuel level, avoiding contaminants like water, dirt and metal shards gathered at the bottom. 

He adds that the advent of Stage V engines with high-pressure common rail systems has further emphasised the need for clean fuel as stray particles can damage component surfaces and seals. 

The company promoted the fit-and-forget system on its stand at the recent Futureworx event, and it is shown in the right-hand side of the glass demonstration tank above. It is designed to work even when the tank on a machine is moved or agitated in operation, such as when working on rough terrain or slopes. 

Adopters of the system include Rocket Rentals, Genquip Groundhog and a significant number of other hirers, suppliers and contractors throughout the world. 

Nick Massey adds that FuelActive can reduce diesel consumption through enabling better thermal efficiency of the engine, as well as decreasing maintenance and emissions. 

“Since the COP26 summit everyone is focused on how to achieve net zero, and we have a solution that is available here and now,” he says.



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