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Green Groundhog to show the latest fashions

21 January 2022

Green Groundhog to show the latest fashions

With more contractors embracing environmentally friendly methods of working, Genquip Groundhog continues to develop its site welfare range with technological enhancements to reduce fossil fuel usage. 

New products include the static Groundhog I.760 unisex welfare unit which incorporates two solar panels, a 2000VA inverter/charger and a 330Ah lithium battery, with a 6.0kVA backup diesel generator. 

The unit has a waterless urinal, two ceramic flushing toilets and fixed overhead 12V lighting. 

Also new is the Solar Loo unisex toilet (pictured). The female area has a low-flush ‘eco’ toilet with a 400-litre waste tank, while the male compartment has a low-flush eco toilet and a 1200mm waterless urinal, plus a 1200mm stainless steel wash trough with two warm-water taps. 

The warm water is supplied by an on-board heating system and the Solar Loo also incorporates 12V LED lighting with passive infrared lighting.

These two products will be highlighted on Genquip Groundhog's stand at the Executive Hire Show next month. 

Also being launched is Groundhog Wear, a range of branded fashion items for sale including T-shirts, bobble hats, baseball caps, beanies, gilets and hoodies. Sales and marketing manager Peter Beach tells me that staff will be modelling them on the stand. 

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