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MHM promotes HVO

31 December 2021

MHM promotes HVO

One of the topics that has cropped up frequently amongst Site-Eco blog posts during 2021 has been the use of HVO (hydro-treated vegetable oil) and its adoption by tool hire and plant hire companies as an environmentally friendlier alternative to diesel fuel. 

From 1 April 2022, the 47p per litre red diesel tax rebate on fuel in machinery used for construction applications will be removed as part of the Government’s strategy to encourage the take-up of cleaner alternatives. 

This means that normal white diesel will have to be used. However, the MHM Group is encouraging hire and construction professionals to adopt HVO as a more sustainable and premium quality alternative.

As a recent blog post pointed out, HVO is made from renewable raw materials and can reduce CO2 emissions by up to 90%.

The fuel can also offer benefits through having a lower freezing point than diesel and reducing the need for engine servicing because of it cleaner burning qualities. 

MHM states that all of the diesel-powered machinery, principally generators and lighting towers that it supplies on a re-hire or sale basis, are now fully compatible and approved for use with HVO.

Managing director Mat Llewellyn said: “Everyone in the industry has been aware that green changes are on the horizon, but often these deadlines come up much faster than we first anticipate. For that reason, we have been doubling down on our efforts to ensure that our new equipment for sale and our re-hire fleet becomes more sustainable and that we can offer solutions to the construction sector on eliminating harmful carbon emissions.

“We are also continuing to invest heavily in other renewables, such as solar and battery hybrid engine and diesel free machines, as part of our comprehensive approach to a sustainable future,” he added. 

It will be fascinating to follow the adoption of HVO and the impact of the red diesel rebate phase-out in 2022. 

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