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Embracing the challenge

30 December 2021

Embracing the challenge

Launched only in June as an additional area of the blog focusing on equipment and measures that organisations can take to reduce their carbon footprint on the route towards net zero, the Site-Eco section has covered a vast range of topics and developments relating to how this globally important issue impacts on the hire industry. 

Here's a quick review of some of the stories which highlighted key topics that will continue to remain high on the agenda throughout 2022 and beyond.

One challenge that is set to grow in importance is having to meet the requirements of the low emission zones that are being established in more town and cities. A Site-Eco blog post in June focused on Alide Hire Services and how they have adapted their transport fleet serving customers from depots in Bristol, Bath and Keynsham.

Another issue that will come to the fore in 2022 is the removal of the red diesel tax rebate for construction users from next April. A story last July discussed whether this might make some users consider a switch to battery powered equipment. 

It’s also important to be vigilant about the claims that some organisations might make about the environmentally friendly characteristics of their products and operations. A blog post on the subject of 'greenwashing' stressed the need to check if  things really are as green as they appear.  

An occasional series on the pros and cons of electric vehicles (EVs) generated lively discussions on social media. Following the experiences of Genquip Groundhog’s Peter Beach when he switched to an EV, it also covered related issues such as two kinds of charging: topping up the car’s battery - and then paying for it. 

Adopting eco-friendly measures is an important issue for organisations in meeting their ESG (environmental, social and governance) obligations. A series of open days held by Balfour Beatty in Scotland highlighted some of the products they have adopted, and they were also attended by other stakeholders such as schoolchildren, showing how green measures can be promoted to a wider audience and for future generations. Participating hirers included Sunbelt Rentals, GAP, Vp and Speedy. 

Speedy’s new and impressive Innovation Centre in Milton Keynes was featured on Site-Eco in November. I highlights sustainable equipment in the hire's fleet and ways in which the business has adopted green solutions as part of its ESG responsibilities.

And in December, another EV related story updated Peter Beach’s experiences with the vehicle (which he plans to swap for a diesel or hybrid in the new year) following a software update and more charging difficulties.

It’s just one of many stories that Site-Eco will continue to follow in 2022 on the hire industry's route to net zero. 

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