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Landmark Snorkel unit

24 December 2021

Landmark Snorkel unit

Snorkel recently celebrated the production of the 10,000th S3219E electric slab scissor lift at its assembly facility in Elwood, Kansas.

The occasion was celebrated by employees at the facility during an event attended by company executives including Don Ahern, owner, Matthew Elvin, CEO, Elwood facility president, David Smith, and senior vice president of sales for North America, Robby Hagan, along with representatives from local vendors who supply components for the machine.  

The battery powered 5.79m lift machine, which measures 0.81m wide, was first introduced in February 2015 and while 10,000 units have been made at the Kansas facility, the total number produced is actually nearer 16,000 because the S3219E is manufactured at four of Snorkel’s factories worldwide. 

“When we redesigned the electric slab scissor range back in 2014, we really focused on making them rental tough, so to be producing the 10,000th unit here today is testament that these products are fulfilling the needs of our customers,” said Don Ahern. 

The landmark 10,000th Elwood machine will be displayed in Snorkel’s showroom facility at its global corporate headquarters in Henderson, Nevada.

Pictured from left are Matthew Elvin,  Don Ahern, David Smith and Robby Hagan.

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