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Tilbury Douglas cuts CO2 with Speedy HVO

23 December 2021

Tilbury Douglas cuts CO2 with Speedy HVO

Construction and infrastructure company, Tilbury Douglas, has partnered with Speedy to help it transition to using HVO (hydro-treated vegetable oil) as an eco-friendly substitute for diesel.

The company will use the fuel to drive generators and machinery on its projects UK wide. And expects to save 2,500 tonnes of CO2e per year, estimated as having a similar impact to taking 1,800 cars off the road.

Sarah Burki, sustainability lead at Tilbury Douglas, said: “The switch from red diesel to HVO will have a great impact on our carbon emissions, moving us closer to our commitment to be net zero in our own operations and reducing our relative carbon emissions, as set out in our new PPP [People, Planet and Performance] strategy. 

“With the ability to slash carbon emissions and associated air pollution, it’s important that we capitalise on these opportunities that help us reduce our impact on the environment and the communities in which we work.”

Speedy says that the Green D+ HVO it supplies meets the ASTM D975 and EN 15940 standards, making it suitable for use in many diesel engines without invalidating warranties.

Mark Johnson, major account director at the hirer, added: “One tonne of CO2 is saved for every 350 litres of Green D+ HVO fuel used, when compared to fossil fuels, meaning national contractors like Tilbury Douglas can make an extraordinary difference by switching.”

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