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Twice round the world

13 December 2021

Twice round the world

Here’s a product range that has 11 patents relating to it, six of which have already been granted and the remainder are pending. 

Metal & Modular’s SureLock Pro line-up includes tool vaults, fittings cabinets, work benches and cutting stations. Director and chief designer Michael Brown tells me that he took advantage of last year’s initial Covid lockdown to redesign the way the steel cabinets for the products are fabricated. 

“Each vault produced by standard methods requires 6m of welding but we have reduced that by 85% to 400mm, using our patented interlocking mechanism. This is stronger than welded seams and damaged panels can be replaced rapidly, and then recycled. 

“If we made a million cabinets, the amount of Mig welding wire would stretch twice round the world,” says Michael. 

“The process means that we also use less welding gas and fewer plastic spools of wire are needed which gives further sustainable benefits.” 

Speedy are amongst the hirers that have added Metal & Modular storage vaults and cutting stations to their fleets. 

The manufacturer also plans to launch a low-level access product in the new year. 

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