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Husqvarna ups the PACE

7 December 2021

Husqvarna ups the PACE

Husqvarna Construction is particularly excited about the K 1 PACE cut-off saw, the first of its products that will soon to be launched on its new PACE cordless platform offering heavier duty performance. 

Mattias Holmdahl, who is Global Product Manager Power Cutters with Husqvarna Construction and focuses particularly on cut-off saws and tile and masonry saws, tells me that the tool is the latest development in the manufacturer’s ongoing initiatives focusing on society needs to shift to a low carbon, circular economy. 

“Sustainability is obviously very important for Husqvarna as a company in terms of growing customer demand and it has been part of our strategy for a long time – after all, we have a history extending more than 300 years in identifying and adapting to new trends and challenges. 

“We have accelerated our activities in the area of sustainability over recent years. In 2015, for example, we launched our ‘Sustainovate’ programme focusing on innovation that brings people and nature closer together. In 2020 we introduced three ambitious sustainability targets addressing carbon emissions, circularity in business and people and they help us drive change in the industry and make a difference. 

The latest example of how they are encouraging and enabling customers to make more sustainable choices is the introduction of Husqvarna’s PACE (standing for powerful, agile, cordless, electric) battery eco-system on 94V and the first product in the range is the K 1 PACE disc cutter. This is a heavier-duty model that accepts 12in and 14in (300mm and 350mm) diameter blades and its official launch is planned for Q1 in 2022. 

The Site-Eco blog had an initial glimpse of the K 1 PACE at the Rail Live exhibition in June. 

“We launched our first battery power cutter in 2019, K 535i i-Series battery system on 36V that takes 9in (230mm) blades and is based on a lower capacity platform. We are now developing heavier-duty products to meet market demand and the PACE system enables us to step up performance as well as productivity, ergonomics and sustainability. The K 1 PACE offers performance that is similar to a petrol power cutter. 

Mattias points out that Husqvarna’s Forest & Garden division has already made several developments in cordless technology, in product areas such as chain saws, brush cutters and mowers. However, construction tasks obviously require more power for cutting materials like granite and concrete. 

At the heart of the PACE system is a lithium-ion battery cell configuration offering more power and capacity. It provides up to 750Wh and at 94V it is higher than Husqvarna’s other cordless platforms. 

Being driven by a battery rather than an internal combustion engine also gives benefits in terms of reduced hand arm vibration and less energy being lost through heat. Indoor use is also possible owing to the lack of emissions. 

The K 1 PACE also has the manufacturer’s X-Halt brake function that is capable of stopping the rotation of the blade in fractions of a second if the blade should jam. 

The product has been on trial with a number of hire companies and Mattias says that feedback has been “well beyond even our expectations”. 

He continues: “Everyone is keen to adopt cordless products but many have been sceptical about battery life and performance. Once they have the K 1 PACE in their hands, they realise they have what they need.” 

Mattias also says that lifetime ownership costs are reduced compared with engine powered counterparts in terms of fuel costs and management, servicing, breakdowns and equipment turnaround in hirers’ workshops. 

The K 1 PACE can be powered by a 375Wh or 750Wh battery and, as well as conventional diamond discs, it can accept a blade that Husqvarna has developed specially for the too and which is available in medium or high-duty grades. 

“This further optimises performance,” says Mattias. “The blades are thinner and the segments are configured to match the characteristics of the machine, which runs at lower rpm. The blades are also lighter and this enhances the ergonomics of the K 1 PACE when users are handling it.

“The blades also give quieter operation. If you take away engine noise, a high-pitched cutting sound can become more noticeable and quite annoying.” 

Husqvarna will be launching more products on the PACE platform in the future. 

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Husqvarna ups the PACE


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