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Select flywheel saves fuel and emissions

3 December 2021

Select flywheel saves fuel and emissions

In a further update on a project they are undertaking, Select Plant Hire and Punch Flybrid say that an innovative flywheel energy storage system is set to save over 80 tonnes of CO2 being released into the atmosphere and over 30,000 litres of fuel every 3,000 hours.

Since launching the product back in September, additional testing has taken place over the last seven months which has seen a 66 tonne luffing crane on a London construction site carry out normal operations with a 320kVA generator set, combined with the Punch Power 200 flywheel system. Normally, an 800kVA generator would have been specified.

The CO2 saving with the PP200 set-up is said to be equivalent to the annual emissions from 55 passenger vehicles. 

In tandem with a generator, the flywheel load-levels the peak power that the set has to deal with. The Flybrid system then delivers energy immediately at high power during an increasing load step and captures excess energy under a decreasing loading.

Alex Warrington, Select’s managing director, said: “It is quite staggering when you see the environmental savings this technology can have on just one crane. At Select we are proud to be leading the way in something that could easily be integrated to cranes not just across the UK, but the world and make a significant impact on CO2 pollution.”

Tobias Knichel, Punch Flybrid’s managing director, said: “Only through team work it is possible to achieve these outstanding environmental results. Everybody at Punch Flybrid is happy to be working with Select Plant Hire and to realise bigger and bigger fuel, emission and operating cost savings.” 

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Select flywheel saves fuel and emissions


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