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TA’s win-win with MHM

13 October 2021

TA’s win-win with MHM

It’s great when theory translates into practice regarding the adoption of green technology. 

A common argument is that, while new technology may carry a higher price tag, lower overall running costs result in savings for the end user. And that’s proved the case for TA Plant & Tool Hire based in Stockton-on-Tees. 

“We’re re-hiring a battery powered ST-9 LED lighting tower from MHM Plant that has been supplied to a contractor customer working on a railway maintenance project on behalf of Network Rail in Morpeth,” managing director Tom Allen told me.” 

As reported earlier on the blog, Network Rail has committed to strict targets to control emissions and so the equipment needed to meet sustainability requirements. Tom said that the ST-9 is ideal because it has no engine and produces no noise, so it won’t annoy nearby residents.

He added that although the machine is dearer than a diesel alternative and he is charging a sensible rate that reflects that, his customer appreciates the benefits. 

“He just needs to position it and leave it. The machine switches itself on and off automatically via a sensor and no man-hours are wasted in refuelling it. There’s no maintenance at all. 

“The unit will be on hire for six months so the amount that the user would have spent on fuel will more than cancel out the cost. It’s a real win-win.” 

Tom, whose new business was featured on the blog recently, said that more customers are looking at green solutions because they are supplying larger organisations who have made formal commitments to sustainability targets. 

So this Morpeth rail contract shows that demand for this sort of eco-friendly equipment will indeed trickle down the supply chain. 

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