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Recyclable Green Sleeves

11 October 2021

Recyclable Green Sleeves

A new venture has been formed to source and supply products that businesses can use in their day-to-day operations and which are environmentally friendly. 

Called It’s Recyclable, the company’s first product is Green Sleeves pockets and pouches made from an eco-friendly plastic material. 

“They are offered in various sizes, including one that can hold the instructions and paperwork attached to hire equipment,” a spokesperson told me. 

“We became aware of the need for this kind of product when we hired some gardening equipment ourselves during the first lockdown. The fixed to the machine was poorly designed and led to the tag securing it breaking off, with a charge being made for its replacement. Ours are designed not to do that.

“We understand that this issue is very common and there must be thousands of environmentally unfriendly pouches littering the landscape.” 

It’s Recyclable ( says that a local hire company has successfully trialled the product. 

The company says that businesses from other sectors have shown interest in the Green Sleeves range, including confectionery manufacturers looking for environmentally friendly packaging. 

As the pouches (above right) are manufactured in the UK, embedded carbon associated with transport and delivery is also reduced, enhancing a company’s green credentials. 

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Recyclable Green Sleeves


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