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LPG mini from Kubota

24 August 2021

LPG mini from Kubota

While fuels like hydrogen and HVO are making headlines as interest grows in sustainable solutions for powering machinery, we mustn’t forget other alternatives – one of which is LPG. 

Kubota has now formally launched a mini excavator driven by the fuel as part of a Smart Energy Solutions range. 

First seen as a prototype at the Bauma plant exhibition in 2019, the KX019-4 SI HGL LPG has a spark ignition engine and is said to offer the same levels of performance and productivity as the diesel KX019-4 model. 

The LPG machine (above) emits almost zero particulate matter and reduces nitrous oxide and hydrocarbon emissions to just 5% of an equivalent diesel engine, says Kubota.

As a result the engine does not require after-treatment such as a DPF (diesel particulate filter), reducing the need for maintenance, and it has lower noise levels. 

‚óŹ Also new from Kubota is the lithium battery-driven KC70H-4e tracked dumper (below). Derived from the diesel powered KC70 model, it offers a 700kg load capacity. 

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LPG mini from Kubota


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