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Faster plaster brings benefits

11 August 2021

Faster plaster brings benefits

Many people in hire will know the name Richard Coffey. In 2001 he established Supply UK Hire Shops (acquired by Boels Rental in 2017) and since then he’s maintained his entrepreneurial outlook by exploring a number of business opportunities outside hire. 

What Richard is particularly excited by at the moment is a range of spray-applied building fabrics such as plaster, render and paint products designed for long life, fast application and sustainability. 

Several large construction companies have moved to these systems over traditional methods applying these materials, and Richard believes there will be a growing requirement for hirers who could benefit from offering equipment to apply and finish the surfaces.

He is managing director of F&T Terrix based in Salford, which distributes polymer-based construction products developed by a German chemical manufacturer, PCC. 

“What impresses me about them is that they were originally designed for restoring historic buildings and are genuinely made to last,” Richard tells me. 

“Because they are based on polymer silicates they don’t just adhere to the surface like conventional paints and plaster. They actually penetrate and bond chemically with the material, resisting hairline cracking and delamination. 

“The finish also ‘breathes’ to allow moisture to permeate. This prevents the formation of green algae, mildew and discoloration, giving a longer-lasting result with fewer requirements for maintenance or remediation work.” 

Richard says that the products are faster to work with because they are applied by spraying machines rather than by hand. 

“With the F&T Terrix alternative they can achieve speeds over eight times faster than traditional methods. We believe it can cut users’ carbon footprints by over 50% by reducing the labour required with fewer snagging issues.  

“House builders and construction companies as very interested because of the potential time savings and the quality of results,” says Richard.

The plaster material is supplied pre-mixed, so water consumption and dust are reduced, making it easier to keep sites cleaner.

If such techniques gain popularity, Richard believes that a market will emerge for hiring the spraying equipment, along with dustless vacuums and sanding tools. 

There are many other interesting F&T Terrix products in the pipeline, too. One is a range of brick slips which replace traditional bricks. They give the same appearance but can be applied simply by hand, being pressed onto a polymer base coat. This allows for curved runs on new properties or restoration projects. 

Another exciting product is an ECO board to replace plywood /OSB and is made from 100% waste plastic bags, drinking straws and cartons.

I certainly enjoyed catching up with Richard and I’m sure our paths will cross again in the near future. 

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Faster plaster brings benefits
Faster plaster brings benefits


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