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GAP looks ahead with Trime

6 August 2021

GAP looks ahead with Trime

The blog has already highlighted how the tax changes next April requiring users of construction equipment to replace red diesel with normal non-rebated fuel will result in significant operating cost increases. As a result, they will explore greener, cost-effective alternatives. 

Ahead of this, forward-looking GAP Group has placed an order with Trime (UK) worth more than £4 million for a variety of sustainable site lighting equipment. This includes the X-Solar, X-Solar/Hybrid, X-Hybrid and X-Lithium Hybrid models.

The X-Solar is entirely noise and emission-free. The Hybrid version has a small fuel-efficient diesel engine and a series of AGM (absorbent glass mat) batteries and can run on battery power for up to 11 hours before recharging becomes necessary, says Trime.

The order also includes the manufacturer’s X-Eco LED lighting tower. Its LED lamps and automated start/stop system means it uses less than a third of the fuel required to run a standard lighting tower, producing 888kg less CO2 per month as a result according to Trime’s figures.

GAP aims to become net-zero by 2040 as outlined in its Green Action Plan, as reported earlier.

Ken Stewart, the hirer’s Head of Procurement said: “With all the negatives that surround the use of diesel, many contractors are actively seeking alternatives to power their sites. The low running costs and sustainable elements of the Trime lights will help to lessen fuel usage and lower emissions, whilst aiding us to move forward to our 2040 goals.”

He added: “We face many supply issues in a current period of uncertainty, but the above order was placed in March of this year to allow as much time as possible in having the products available, ready for the key lighting season.” 

The first products in the order are now ready for shipment, with the balance at an advanced stage of manufacture. 

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