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Good behaviour

29 July 2021

Good behaviour

As integral links in the supply chain between manufacturers and end users, hirers are often asked for advice on a host issues like product selection, consumables and PPE. 

The same also applies to many areas of sustainability as contractors and construction professionals seek guidance on new solutions available. 

However, it’s important to recognise that carbon footprints can also be lowered by adopting simple workplace practices which are often overlooked. 

When speaking to hirers and suppliers for the blog, many point out that striking improvements can be made on construction sites when personnel don’t leave machines idling or avoid leaving heaters on in unoccupied site cabins, for example. 

Similarly staff in offices and factories can avoid leaving lights on in empty rooms and only printing essential documents. 

Of course, technological advances like auto-idle engines on plant and passive infrared lighting can automate some preventative actions. But observing simple measures can bring considerable improvements in sustainability – and reduce costs.

Picture: Many machines can be fitted with auto-idle to reduce fuel consumption. 


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