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Historic Hog

24 May 2024

Historic Hog

Genquip Groundhog has just supplied its 10,000th mobile welfare unit. The milestone model is an i500 cabin from the company's iRange line-up, designed for very low emissions. 

The historic Hog, designated number GH10000, has been delivered to customer Morgan Sindall Infrastructure from the Groundhog factory in Neath.

Peter Beach, Managing Director of Groundhog says that the very first unit GH0001 was supplied in 1987 to the London Borough of Hillingdon.

"It was a brand new concept then, with the mobile welfare unit having all facilities powered by gas. The main feature of the new Groundhog was the patented ground lowering system that enabled the user to tow the welfare unit to site and then lower it securely into position, literally hogging the ground – hence the name.

"After many years of promoting the concept at exhibitions and listening to clients' requirements, GH5000 was delivered in August 2014 to A-Plant (now Sunbelt Rentals) and Balfour Beatty. This was from our then new GP360 Fusion Pulse range and had the same basic principles of GH0001, only this time offered state-of-the-art sustainable features with 12V technology, giving the user carbon reduction savings through a single roof-mounted solar panel and onboard battery charging system.

"We have worked with Morgan Sindall Infrastructure for many years to develop the iRange to meet specific requirements for their end users. The i550 and i500 twin toilet models offer sustainable welfare facilities, giving generator-free running for summer periods and up to 90% reductions in carbon emissions throughout the winter months.

“It has four roof-mounted solar panels, rainwater harvesting and is a far cry from the original GH0001," said Peter.

Emma Tongue, Product Innovation Manager at Morgan Sindall Infrastructure said: “It is vital that any investment we make in site welfare solutions is aligned with our net-zero goals and our commitment to being a responsible business.

“Working collaboratively with Groundhog, we’ve been able to develop a product that not only meets the end-user needs – a space that is welcoming, enticing and more inclusive – but the units are also continually helping us to reduce our carbon emissions via the solar panels, reduced vehicle movements and influencing behavioural change through the visible telemetry within the units.”

Groundhog says it will continue to develop sustainable welfare units that will serve the hire industry and end user welfare markets for years to come. And given its reputation for constant improvement, the company is looking forward to seeing what model GH15000 will look like.

Watch a video celebrating the 10,000th Hog here.

● Groundhog is very keen to track down the historic Hog GH0001 to display at its Neath factory. The company will offer the current owner a brand new equivalent GP360D model in exchange, so have a look at the units in your fleet to see if you’ve got it.


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