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‘Don’t call me…’

31 May 2023

‘Don’t call me…’

At first I thought it was some sort of April Fools spoof. 

A training consultancy based overseas posted on social media about a course it offers on how a business can tackle ‘phone anxiety’. 

One of the company’s trainers said that it’s a growing problem amongst younger generations who rely on their mobile devices to communicate via texts and apps. 

Some have scarcely seen their parents or peers talking on a phone in a business context and don’t appreciate the etiquette of starting a conversation, listening and ending a call politely. 

And in a security conscious world, many people send a text to say they have arrived at a friend’s house instead of ringing the doorbell. 

Sending a text or an email might avoid an awkward conversation or a confrontation if things have gone wrong, although many would argue that it’s better – and ultimately appreciated – if you actively engage in trying to find a solution. 

Moreover, you can’t be sure that a text or email has arrived or been acted upon. 

In the tool hire world, the phone – used for its original purpose of making calls – is still an essential tool of the trade. Even if more business is being done on digital platforms, these surely complement traditional ways of doing transactions rather than replacing them. 

Is phone anxiety likely to impact on how hire companies do business? Let me know – and I don’t mind if you call me. 

Photo: David Schwarzenberg


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