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New York road success for Oxford Plastics

22 March 2023

New York road success for Oxford Plastics

Oxford Plastics has had its Oxford LowPro composite road plate covers approved by New York transport authorities after several years of consultation and trials in demanding locations.  

The New York Department of Transport needed an alternative to steel plates used in urban areas. “The metal plates being used within New York city can cause major noise pollution problems as they have a ‘rocking effect’ and cause a lot of noise as traffic passes over it. In built up areas such as Manhattan, the sound reverberates and causes major complaints by residents and business owners,” said Peter Creighton, Business Development Director for Oxford Plastics.

“The steel plates are around 1in (2.54cm) thick and are very heavy and difficult to manoeuvre. Once they heard about the Oxford LowPro Road Plate range, they asked us for a demonstration.” 

The product was then put through a very stringent and long process of testing with a number of field trials over several years, after which the product was deemed to be a good solution. The Department of Transport issued a notice of adoption which allows composite plates to be used to cover open restorations or excavations. 

The LowPro 23/05 is a heavy-duty modular road plate system made up of linking plates, suitable for vehicle weights of up to 97,000lbs (4.3 tonnes) over a 48in (122cm) trench. 

Each section weighs 145lbs (68kg), which is lighter than a steel plate and can be manoeuvred into place by two workers using the EasiLift handles that Oxford Plastics has developed for the system. Two locks under the plates secure them in position when installed on the trench, preventing lateral movement. 

The patented LowPro plates also have noise-dampening rubber edges and being made of a composite material are more eco-friendly. With steel plates contractors need to use cold patch as a ramp, but this can leach oil when it rains, which then travels into storm drains and local water bodies, says the company. 

The plates can also be transported on smaller vehicles than steel plates and installed without powered heavy lifting equipment.

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New York road success for Oxford Plastics
New York road success for Oxford Plastics


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