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The right temperature

2 February 2023

The right temperature

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has refreshed its guidance on protecting workers during low temperatures and hot conditions, including suggestions for those working outdoors. 

And several of the actions outlined could lead to demand for hired equipment. 

The minimum temperature in an indoor workplace should normally be 16°C or 13°C if much of the work involves strenuous effort. There is no maximum temperature because in some industries heat is created by the work activity itself, such as in foundries. 

The guidance suggests measures for maintaining a comfortable temperature throughout each workroom, such as providing local heating and cooling equipment like fans and air conditioning units, as well as rest and welfare facilities (above) where appropriate. 

For those working outdoors, HSE’s guidance covers the provision of mobile facilities for keeping warm and taking rest breaks, providing adequate PPE and ensuring workers have access to shaded areas. 

Given the extremes of temperature witnessed in recent years, the need for equipment to manage the risks will remain high on the Health and Safety agenda 

Photo: Alan Guthrie 

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