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Hireman keeps customers on Trak

21 September 2022

Hireman keeps customers on Trak

A software-based system is enabling customers of The Hireman to keep track of equipment deliveries and collections in real time. 

Neil Graham, managing director of the business which has three depots serving Greater London, says that the idea behind the ToolTrak initiative was to emulate such services offered by dedicated logistics and delivery companies. 

“However, with many of them it’s 50-50 whether the system actually works effectively. You might get an email on your phone or computer, but sometimes it doesn’t give any really meaningful information – it just tells you your item is ‘out for delivery’, which you knew anyway. 

“We sourced some third-party software that we integrate with the delivery schedule on our Point of Rental Software Syrinx system. We then upload the information so that each driver has a list on their handset of all the deliveries that day. 

“Before they leave their depot, they notify the first customer that they are on their way and that is sent to the site contact’s phone, not as an email but as a text message, which has a better chance of getting through especially in remote locations. 

“Previously our drivers would try to phone the person but often they wouldn’t get through because of bad reception or other issues,” says Neil. “The text contains a link that shows exactly where the driver is and gives an ETA.” 

The customer does not need to download any app and no sign-up is required to use the ToolTrak system. 

“Our customers absolutely love it because they aren’t wasting time and it removes uncertainty. It gives them peace of mind,” adds Neil. 

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