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“The Long and Winding Road”

28 May 2022

“The Long and Winding Road”

Are we there yet? 

To take in the stunning scenery and the fascinating places while holidaying in northern Spain, my wife Christine and I have driven along many tortuous roads and circuitous routes. It’s been great - estupendo

But even with a satnav and a good old printed Michelin paper map, it’s difficult to say exactly when you will reach somewhere. The roads can be narrow and you frequently get stuck behind tractors and rural traffic. 

And it’s surely similar in business – not owing to targets and deadlines not being met, but because as soon as you complete a project or task, you should be planning or starting the next one on your journey. 

As has often been said, any organisation that is not moving forward is, by definition, going backwards, so we must always keep looking ahead. 

Robert Louis Stevenson (he of Treasure Island fame) wrote that “It is better to travel hopefully, than to arrive”. The quote goes on to say that “the true success is to labour,” and that’s what I intend to do next week when we return from holiday and I can get back to commenting on the tool and equipment hire industry, and following net zero developments. 

Until then: thank you for following the various holiday blog posts on both sections of the site this past week, which I hope you have found interesting, entertaining or just downright different. 

(Picture taken at the Mirador de Llesba viewpoint, 1675m above sea level en route to the stunning Riano lakePhoto: Alan Guthrie)

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