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That Friday feeling

13 May 2022

That Friday feeling

How’s your Friday going? If it’s anything like those at the FuelActive company, you’ll likely be ending the week on a positive note. 

That’s because the business, which manufactures an innovative fuel tank pickup system to eliminate the risk of contaminated diesel being used in engines, emails an upbeat Friday Good News newsletter to all its team members at the end of each week. 

It was introduced bythe company's chief executive Nick Massey when he joined the Cardiff-based business two years ago. So that’s a lot of newsletters since then! 

“It’s a simple PDF highlighting the things that have happened within the business, with everyone able to have an input,” Nick tells me. “It gives an insight into the people and developments here at FuelActive. 

“And we can turn any less positive developments into learning experiences, explaining how we reacted to challenges and the lessons we can move forward with. 

“I’m a great believer in the power of affirmation,” adds Nick. “If you want to succeed, adopt the beliefs and procedures as if you were successful already, and you’ll get there.” 

Mind you, as previously reported on the blog, FuelActive’s success is already growing steadily. 

Happy Friday! 


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