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Post haste solution

17 December 2021

Post haste solution

Ongoing supply chain disruptions have highlighted the importance of ready product availability and the potential drawbacks associated with just-in-time manufacturing methods. 

One company that has benefited from producing equipment in this country is PostPullers (UK), which makes the Fence Master and Barrier Master machines for quickly removing posts and barriers. 

“Just-in-time has gone out the window,” said managing director Stuart Archer. “We are keeping more stocks and are producing in bigger batches at our factory to ensure availability.” 

Another of PostPullers’ achievements is that the Fence Master has been completely redesigned in recent months. Less maintenance is required, the machine is more compact and the claw attachment for removing the posts can now be stored on the unit to prevent it being misplaced. 

Stuart told me of a recent event that showed the advantages of British manufacture. 

“We had a request from a contractor doing a motorway maintenance job with our Barrier Master. He required a rarely needed part which we wouldn’t normally stock and we contacted our local fabricator who were able to get on to it straight away.

"It was delivered in three days – you couldn’t do that with suppliers based on the other side of the world. In fact, I could introduce you personally to the guy who did the welding. We are on first name terms with the staff at all our outside suppliers,” said Stuart. 

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