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Green and not heard

9 April 2021

Green and not heard

Whilst the reduction in carbon emissions is obviously the main reason why hirers and end users are increasingly choosing battery powered equipment, there are other benefits such as quieter operation. 

And that’s one consideration cited by EMY Plant Hire for adding a Faresin 6.26 telescopic handler from GGR Group to its fleet.

As Emily Roberts, operations director with the Wrexham-based business says: “The electric machine provides a range of benefits and quite a few savings, not only in emission levels and reducing the carbon footprint, but also maintenance and running costs when compared to diesel telehandlers. 

“Our Faresin 6.26 is currently out on long-term hire assisting with renovation works on one of the UK's biggest bakeries. Using an electric machine means that production does not have to stop due to emissions, making it more cost effective for companies where diesel/petrol fumes may tarnish a product.

“In the future we see it providing assistance on similar projects to this or in places where noise pollution may be an issue, like airports or built-up areas.”

Director Andrew Dickens added: “We chose the Faresin as it fits in with our ‘Going Green’ business model, and we are investing heavily in electric plant and machinery.” 

The standard 300Ah battery will last up to six hours of typical use with a rapid re-charge time of 1.5 hours from zero with an external fast charger.

Pictured with the new machine are EMY’s plant manager Sam Lockert, left, with workshop manager Craig Jones in the cab.


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