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The road to Zero

18 March 2021

The road to Zero

In the same way that vehicle manufacturers are planning to phase out production of diesel and petrol models as the world aims to go carbon zero, construction equipment manufacturers are looking closely at their own operations. 

It is striking that the Trime Group has just announced its intention to phase out petrol and diesel versions of its site lighting, power generation and associated equipment completely by 2025, and replace them with emission-free models. 

Six years ago the organisation started development of battery-hybrid, solar-hybrid and solar-only lighting towers at its factory near Milan. Group company Tekno Proget has similarly been making generators from 4.5kVA to 670kVA, including battery-hybrid and solar-hybrid single-phase sets in 3.5kVA, 6kVA and 10kVA, and three-phase machines of 25kVA, 45kVA and 60kVA.

I spoke to Paul Hay, managing director of Trime UK, who believes the time is right to think about the day when only carbon-free options are available. 

To this end the company has now launched its T-Zero Pro brand, which Paul says will include some equipment already in its portfolio, such as the X-Eco Battery lighting tower (above). However, new machines will also be added to the line-up, which will sport a distinctive black livery. 

Tests are nearing completion for a new battery power pack designed to give long run times and quick recharging. The modules are designed to fit on to the outside of the equipment, but within the canopy, to dissipate heat more effectively. Full production will begin shortly.  

“Back in 2010, when we had been offering the legendary VT-1 diesel lighting tower for several years, only 15% of the overall market was for ‘eco’ products,” says Paul. “Last year the proportion had increased to 75% and we forecast it will reach 94% by 2025.” 

I’ve certainly covered many launches of eco-friendly products since starting the blog, from manufacturers such as Snorkel, MHM, JCB and AJC EasyCabin to name just a handful. 

And as I have also previously reported, organisations like Network Rail have committed to lowering their carbon footprints with ambitious targets. 

No doubt we will continue to see more manufacturers, hirers and end users following the Road to Zero. And it will be a fascinating journey. 


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