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Positive numbers

5 March 2021

Positive numbers

The Top Service credit reference and debt collection agency serving the construction industry is celebrating 30 years of trading. 

The Redditch-based company was founded by Lisa Cardus and Kevin Halligan and now has a 40-strong workforce with more than 3,500 member businesses.

Top Service has provided advice and support for hirers during the pandemic and believes that the need for up-to date and accurate trading data has never been more important in the wake of the unprecedented economic challenges. 

“Construction is a lengthy process, involving many layers of providers,” said Lisa Cardus. “People need to know that their business partners are financially stable. Nobody wants a project going under halfway through completion, especially when many businesses have been severely impacted by the pandemic.

“Top Service started in an old damp building with one typewriter, one photocopier, one landline phone and a fax machine in 1991, at the height of a recession. In those days most businesses paid either by cash or cheque and ‘the cheque must be lost in the post’ was a common excuse for late payment. We look forward to many more years developing new services designed to help the construction industry support and protect their business.” 

An earlier story on the blog reported on how the company can help to tackle late payments and other issues such as ‘phoenix’ companies.

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