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MHM meets power surge

18 February 2021

MHM meets power surge

The unpredictable trajectory of the pandemic has made it equally difficult for businesses to plan for an uncertain future in terms of long-term demand and appropriate fleet investment. 

Back in July, however, I reported how the MHM Group’s re-hire service was enabling many hirers to quickly source generators, welders and lighting towers to meet demand surges without significant capex, and managing director Mat Llewellyn tells me this is still very much the case. 

“Setting up Covid testing facilities, many of which are in temporary outdoor structures, along with the sheer amount of general construction activity has created string demand for our power generation equipment in particular. We’ve opened more customer re-hire accounts since the first lockdown than at any other time in MHM’s 11-year history. 

“We are constantly investing in our re-hire fleet of generators and fuel tanks. And although the core market is traditionally for sub-100kVA machines, we are adding more of the larger capacity models as well.” 

MHM also has divisions specialising in sales of new and used machines. 

One MHM customer of eight years’ standing is Fraser Tool Hire of Hamilton, which now has more than 90 of the company’s generators in its fleet from 6kVA to 33kVA in both single and three-phase voltages.

The company has also has just completed an order for a further fleet of MG6000SSY sets (pictured). This 6kVA dual voltage diesel model is popular with construction sites. 

Fraser Tool Hire’s Gavin Maxwell says the company also benefits from the re-hire service, particularly for lighting towers. “We had 12 sets on hire this winter and this allows us to confidently supply customers with the latest machines without having the outlay of buying new units. In addition, when the lighting season is finished, we can send them back and save valuable yard space during the summer months.” 


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