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Big green Package

5 November 2020

Big green Package

The topic of green energy and the new technologies needed to provide it continues to gain prominence on the news agenda.

One of the latest developments is that MHM has won a Green Apple Environment Award. These are presented by The Green Organisation which promotes best environmental practice worldwide.

What’s striking is that MHM has won the Award for a combination of products rather than an individual piece of equipment.

The Green Site Power Package comprises solar panels and battery technology backed up by a diesel generator. This offers the user a practical way of reducing their carbon footprint as the generator only runs when the batteries need recharging.

The system includes a 60kVA generator, an array of solar panels, a 24kVA battery pack called the BP-4 Batpack, and a 3,000-litre diesel tank.

Interestingly, the Package was developed in response to demand from a national house builder for a site in South Wales which required round-the-clock power.

As well as reducing emissions, fuel consumption and noise, MHM says the system decreases the number of site visits for refuelling and servicing equipment, giving further carbon reductions.

The Package is available through MHM Rehire, a division of the MHM Group.


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