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Broadband Rocket booster

5 October 2020

Broadband Rocket booster

Demand for better broadband installations is creating a new hire opportunity.

Many people working from home are struggling with low download speeds as they send attachments, attend Zoom conferences and use cloud-based software, especially if several users are sharing the same service. Others are turning sheds and outbuildings into offices and need to get connected.

“An IT installer rang us recently and asked if we had a machine that could dig a small trench quickly for laying cables,” says Simon Tomblin, managing director of Rocket Rentals in Dursley, Gloucestershire. “A homeowner had asked him to extend their current network to reach across the garden and into their garage.

“I’d heard of the GeoRipper attachment from Four Ashes Machinery, and we have now added it to the fleet. It’s quickly proved really popular. We’ve also become a dealer for it.

“The GeoRipper attaches to a suitable cut-off saw, which in our case is a Husqvarna K770 with OilGuard protection. It can cut trenches up to 700mm deep and 25mm, 38mm or 50mm wide.”

The tool incorporates a self-sharpening saw chain and can be mounted on a trolley to facilitate digging long trenches.

“We’ve even had enquiries from people as far away as Derby and Newcastle-upon-Tyne who are looking for this sort of solution,” says Simon.

“Home working is here to stay for many employees, so I can see steady demand for a long time to come.”

Simon adds that the Rocket Rentals fleet continues to expand, with new additions including a variety of excavators and rollers from JCB. In fact, the company will have bought 75 machines from the manufacturer this year, to recognise JCB’s 75th anniversary.


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